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Great Hourly Rates

I have 35 years of business experience, in many aspects of accounting and business.

I have experience in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, warehousing and customer service industries, to name a few, as well as 5 years of auditing to a senior level in a variety of other business types.

I am assisted by

I am assisted by a staff of experienced people, all having many years of experience in office procedures and supporting office requirements.

We can process your requirements quickly and with confidence, while not having to rely on one employee.

You only pay for the time worked, by our experienced people.

Greg Paul

Phone 09 418 4022
Mobile 027 292 8938
Email [email protected]
P O Box 34 693, Birkenhead
Auckland 2247

Business Systems

I have experience , worked with with many Accounting and Business systems.

If I haven't experience of your system, I have experience of something similar and can assimilate yours very quickly.

ALL the above requirements, would require a full time employee for each.

But your business is not that big . . .

YO can cover all those factors, and can do all, on a contract
 . . . as required . . . basis.


Business Systems and Information Management

Many business systems have been written and installed by programmers and technically compitent computer people, who have had little actual business experience

Accounting Systems

and Procedures

I have had many years experience in many businesses, and have developed the background to be able to assess a particular business and implement procedures and practices that are suitable for that business and the staff that they have.

Report interpretation

I understand what level of information an owner or manager wants and needs, and I can interpret reports to suit the situation or help develop reports that give the information required.

Most modern accounting systems are supplied with a minimal amount of standard reports, on the basis, that report writers are now available for the purpose built reports to be created to the requirements of the management.

Stock Control & Costing

For many businesses, the biggest asset they have is their stock.

Stock that is out of control can add hugely to cash flow problems and excessive borrowing.

Along with my accounting background I am a qualified CPIM, (Certificate in Production and Inventory Management). This means I can implement control procedures to identify slow moving stock.

I can implement costing procedures to ensure stock is costed at their correct value, and that the correct margin is identified.

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Stocktake Management

Knowing the Stock you have accurately is essential for the planning of orders and jobs.

Often, a physical stocktake is only done once a year, and the staff involved are not conversant with the product or the procedure. The ensuing count is therefore inaccurate and of little value.

I can prepare stocktake procedures to suit your business, train appropriate employees, and even supervise and check the physical count.

Forecasting and Purchasing

For most New Zealand companies a proportion, often large, of their stock is imported, with delivery / lead times up to 3 months.

This means: You either have slow delivery times for your customers, or to service your customers promptly, you have to anticipate your customers requirements, and have orders underway before you receive the order.

Forward Planning is the solution . . .

Overseas Ordering

This requires carefully designed forward planning procedures, that lead to the placing of economic sized orders at regular intervals, to optomise as well as minimise the stock level at the point of the receipt of the next order.

YOURoffice can cover your

  Cash Management
  General Ledger
  Monthly and Annual Accounts

some or even more

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